Miami Vice

 Episode 47



Original air date: 10/10/1986

The episode starts out with Crockett doing a 2 kilo deal on the Miami River. This was filmed on the Miami River, just east of the railroad bridge made famous in the Pilot, Brother’s Keeper where Crockett recaptured his boat from Tubbs.

The boat the dealer is on is old and crusty and does not look like it would even run. This is a rare mistake for Miami Vice. They must have been counting on the dark of night to hide the condition.

Crockett gives the bust signal and the arrest team moves in. By increasing the adaptive lighting in the screen capture, the railroad bridge is brought out of the darkness of the background.

The junk boat is blown and the pursuit starts, westward toward the dead end of the railroad bridge just yards away.

Then it cuts and through pure television magic they have done a u-turn on the narrow river and snuck by the police boat. They are now eastbound on the Miami River toward where the boat just blew up. They take a quick left and duck into a slip on the north side of the river just west of where the drug deal was taking place. The Police boat passes both west and eastbound as Crockett has given them the slip.

Crockett leaves westbound toward the dead end and the railroad bridge is again seen in the background. We see the same barge again.

Railroad bridge blocks river.

Barge we will see again.

They are westbound in this cut past where we already saw them travel.  Building seen in background is identified in satellite picture below.

Police boat waiting for deal.

Location of deal.


Building seen behind speeding police boat.

Railroad bridge

Then we see the opening montage. Very close to what we saw in episode 46. However; they removed the Bal Harbour cut and insert in it’s place, a cut of the Testarossa northbound past the Fontainebleau which comes from near the end of this episode.

Act 1 opens inside the O.C.B., a set on Stage A at Greenwich Studios.

This leads us to World Jai Alai Miami. 3500 NW 37th Avenue, Miami. Right near where the teaser was filmed. It starts with a shot of the north end of the east side.

Then the entire front (east side) of the building from the north-east corner.

Then we go inside, also filmed on location.

Then we cut to an apartment or hotel room. Location unknown but could be a set at the studio. Here we see Tico attack a prostitute, Jan Larken. He is so out of control that he believes he has killed her even though she is just faking it.

From this room we see Isabel Batista call Morales. Location unknown.

Then we go inside Tico’s apartment where his brother, Frank Arriolla is waiting for Tico to arrive home.  Location unknown.

Then we see an establishing exterior shot of the Greenberg Traurig Building, 1221 Brickell Avenue.

Then we cut to the next day and the Police are pulling Jan Larken’s body out of the Miami River. They have pulled her out of the water at the same slip where Crockett  just eluded the patrol boat on the Miami River near Miami Jai Alai.

Then we cut to Morale’s boat where Crocket and Tubbs are attempting to work a deal. When we first see the boat in the establishing exterior shot, it is anchored in the bay off of the Southwest tip of Star Island. The MacArthur Causeway and the Gantry cranes at the east end of Dodge Island are seen in the background.

Then we go inside the boat and it has all of a sudden docked itself at Hibiscus Island. At the rear of 40 South Hibiscus Drive. This same residence we saw used in episode 10, Give A Little, Take A Little.

Then we cut to West Flagler Street at 7th Avenue.  Crockett pulls up to the La Libertad Cafe.

Then we cut to Frank in his office. This was filmed at 40 South Hibiscus Drive, on the second floor. Part of Palm Island and the MacArthur Causeway are seen in the background.

He receives a phone call then we see him driving down a residential street. He is driving eastbound on South Hibiscus Drive toward the house where we just saw him in the office.

As he gets out of his car, a street sign is visible in the background which helped to locate this filming location.

Then we go inside. Filmed on location at 40 South Hibiscus Drive.

The decorative well may look familiar as it is the same one we saw in this house in episode 10, Give A Little, Take A Little.

Give A Little, Take A Little

I took this picture during the extensive remodeling the house went thru in July of 2007.

After remodeling.

As seen in Give A Little, Take A Little.

Next we are inside the police station. A set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we return to 40 South Hibiscus Drive where the second floor is the location of Tico’s exercise room.

Then we cut back to the O.C.B with an exterior establishing shot of Gold Coast Shipping.

Next we go to the famous Biscayne Bar and Grill. This was located right behind the studio (north side), now part of the parking lot. The building seen behind Frank is Stage A of Greenwich Studios where the O.C.B. Interior set was constructed.

Then we cut to Miami Jai Alai where Frank and Sonny talk.

Then we see a shot of downtown Miami before going inside a club.  Location unknown but it was likely a set at the studio.

Then we return to La Libertad Cafe on W. Flagler Street.

While there Crockett gets a call from Morales to set up a meet.  Morales is calling from 40 South Hibiscus Drive.

Then we return to the O.C.B (set) where Crockett calls Frank.

Frank responds by going to 40 South Hibiscus Drive to confront Morales and Batista.

We cut to the O.C.B. (set) where Frank is a no show.

Then we cut to Frank. He is in his office (40 S. Hibiscus Dr.) struggling with his dilemma.

We see Tico at his place getting high. Location unknown.

Then we see Crockett and Tubbs driving to the meet. Thanks to Harold Loeser we know this was filmed eastbound at the west end of the 79th Street Causeway.

Then we see the cops waiting atop the Omni.

The limo arrives as do Crockett and Tubbs atop the Omni parking garage. Limo stops at the south end.

After things get heated at the meet we cut to Miami Jai Alai.

From there we cut to a club. Location unknown but likely a set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we cut back to the O.C.B. (set), which leads us back to Miami Jai Alai.

There Tico kills himself.

Crockett and Tubbs rush off to stop Frank. The first part of the drive was shot too close to tell where it was filmed though it looks like Collins Avenue by the Doral, 4800 block of Collins Ave. The last segment is northbound on Collins Avenue going thru the curve by the Fontainebleau.

Then we cut to 40 South Hibiscus Drive where Frank arrives and hands over the codes. Crockett and Tubbs arrive but fail to stop Frank.

Crockett escapes

Though you cannot tell from the video the bomber is actually 1 floor lower than the Limo and would not be able to see anything.





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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:

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