Original air date: 10/24/1986


The teaser starts out with reuse of footage from episode 10, Give a Little, Take a Little (also reused in Florence Italy, episode 38). Filmed on Collins Avenue at 20th Street outside Concord Electronics.

Then we see a reuse of footage from episode 38, Florence Italy. Filmed outside the Gayety Burlesque II on Collins Avenue.

Then we cut to Crockett and Tubbs working the streets. This was filmed in familiar territory. Drexel Avenue at Espanola Way in Miami Beach. We are on the street (Drexel) that we see the boys of Angel Beach drive down to go to school in the Porky’s Trilogy. Angel Beach High is just out of sight in the background due to the darkness of night. We also see this location in Miracle Man.




Building scene in background behind gang.

Porky’s Angel Beach High School parking lot.

It cuts and we see Tubbs chasing after two of the gang members.  They have magically moved 1.17 miles/14 blocks to the south.  They run from 1st Street up (north) Collins Court.

Then it cuts again as Tubbs continues the pursuit. Thanks to Pink Flaming0 at Miamiviceonline.com who figured out where this was filmed, we now know that this was filmed on the north side of the Mercury Hotel, 100 Collins Ave. Miami Beach. They run westbound along the north side of the Mercury until just before reaching the end of the building at Collins Court. There Tubbs makes a nice tackle. There has been a tall, column like addition added to the north side of the building in the late 1990’s but the distinct pattern of the windows remains the same.

Then we see the standard season three opening montage (version 2).

Next we see Crockett hand over his prisoner to Stanley. This was filmed on the south bank of the Miami River approximately 200 yards west of Brickell Avenue.

Then we see Tubbs with Officer Ramirez of Metro Gangs.  Lt. Atkins and Crockett soon arrive to set up the story. This was filmed along the south bank of the Miami River (SW 6th Street) about 350 yards west of where we just saw Crockett with Stan.

The Courthouse Tower building is seen in the background

Bank of America is seen in the background.

Then we go to the police station. A set at Greenwich Studios.

They make a deal and Archie returns to the drug house to deliver the Heroin. This was filmed back on South Beach. 227 1st Street by Collins Court. We will later see this location used in the episode, Red Tape as well as in the Burn Notice series, episodes; 64 Bloodlines and 48 Breach Of Faith.

As seen in Burn Notice


Crockett and Tubbs are parked watching. On t.v. it is made to look like they are parked off of 1st Street to the west of the drug house and are looking east to watch the house. Only in real life they are looking the wrong direction. In real life they are east and north of the drug house and are looking north away from the drug house. They are parked opposite the Mercury in the 100 block of Collins Avenue. The building in the background right is still there but the building in the background left is no longer there so I cannot confirm this location 100% but I am 99% sure this is the spot.

Drug House

Crockett and Tubbs

Gina and Trudy

Then they go inside the drug house. Unknown if this was filmed on location at 227 1st Street or on a set at the studio.

Then we go downtown. A set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see Walker riding in his limo past a housing complex. Location unknown.

A montage of locations continues as he makes his rounds.

Location unknown

Amazingly, this location has now been used in Burn Notice.  Episode 32, Fearless Leader.

After following Walker in a short montage of locations we stop at a small park where Crockett and Tubbs try to buy their way into Walkers organization. This was filmed in Coconut Grove at Pierce Playground. Oak Avenue at Brooker Street. The road they park on no longer exist. Where they park is now inside the fenced in park property.

The top of St. Mary’s Missionary Baptist Church, 136 Frow Avenue can be seen in the background.

Then we see Crockett go to Archie’s home and give him a game ball and some cash. This was filmed at 110 Oak Avenue in Coconut Grove.

Then we see Crockett and Tubbs driving. It starts with them southbound on Collins Avenue passing the Seacoast at 5151.

Then the camera focuses on the interior of the vehicle and the exterior cannot be seen well enough to determine the location until we get a side shot. At this point they are driving southbound on Biscayne Blvd. passing La Paloma Restaurant at NE 110th Street.

Then southbound again on Collins Avenue just below the Seacoast entering into the 4900 block.

Then we see the ASA in his office. For some reason it is in the police station.  Filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see Crockett and Tubbs having a break. This was filmed on location but the diner was not real. Either a trailer or partial structure erected on site. This is an often used location. The empty lot just east of Miami Avenue on SW 5th Street.  We have seen this lot used before in Smuggler’s Blues (where Trudy was tied to a bomb) and Made For Each Other where Noogie and Izzy team up to steal a cement truck. Also in Burn Notice in episodes Dead Drop and Signals and Codes.

Goof: Then we see a magic hat. First it is not there and then it appears out of nowhere.

As Lt. Atkins arrives we see the area where Crockett had turned Archie over to Stan earlier in the episode.

In the background we again see the Bank Of America building on East Flagler Street and the Courthouse Tower building that we saw in the background of the scene where Crockett, Tubbs, Atkins and Ramirez all meet on the river. Now we are on the other (east) side of South Miami Avenue.

Next we go to Eastside High. Thanks to Pink Flaming0 at miamiviceonline.com who sussed out where this was filmed, we now know that this was filmed on location at Miami Jackson Senior High School. 1751 NW 36th Street in Miami. The school has recently undergone a rebuild and expansion that tore down the old school.

The interior office scene was filmed on set at the studio.

Then we cut to an establishing exterior shot of Gold Coast Shipping before going inside the O.C.B. (set).

Next we see Archie meet with Walker. This was filmed on Ocean Drive at the Clevelander, 1020 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach.

Crockett and Tubbs were parked around the corner on 10th Street.

They head north up Ocean Drive past where they were just parked and then past 1052 Ocean Dr.

Past Waldorf Towers and 9th Street.

Then it cuts to a residential area. Location unknown.

Then back to Ocean Drive northbound where Archie gets walker to run his mouth. They find the wire and turn onto 11th Street. We see the Revere Hotel in the background. They stop at Ocean Court. We saw this same location in Golden Triangle where the bad cops pull over Candy and rough her up.

Then we see Crockett return to Archie’s home.  Filmed on location at 110 Oak Avenue.

He is not welcome. In a very symbolic move he throws his game ball in the trash and puts the lid on it. Atkins swings by and tells him he should be proud, it was a good collar. The episode ends here on Oak Avenue.

What we later learn is Archie’s home is seen in the background.

Continuing south past Royal Court Villas which is easily recognizable from No Exit.







Miami Vice gives us a nice historical record of Miami in Vice days. For example we see the construction of the Bank Of America Tower from different viewpoints in different episodes. This lot gives us a good example of that.  In this episode we see the exterior of the structure completed. We see it at different stages of completion from this lot in Made For Each Other and Smuggler’s Blues.

Smuggler’s Blues

Made For Each Other

In Burn Notice episode 48, Breach of Faith, we see Jesse chase Tom up this very same stretch of alleyway.

Breach of Faith

Then we see a guy running away from the approaching limo. This was filmed in the alley behind 1602 NW 36th Street. The limo approaches from the west and the guy turns the corner around a building and heads north.  He attempts to gain access to the second floor of 1594 NW 36th Street. The door is locked so he then runs down the stairs and receives a beating.

Then we see some graffiti that is painted on the outside of 1629 NW 35th Street. On the north end of the western exterior wall.


Guy runs away

Guy gets a beating

Unknown location but likely in the same area.

Then we see them along the west side of 1629 NW 35th Street where they give out money to little kids. This is the site where they filmed the inserts of graffiti we just saw.


Walker gives away money


Fellas graffiti

As the Burn Notice crew arrives on location we see the same apartment building in the background that we saw behind Walker’s limo.

Location unknown.

Burn Notice

Miami Vice

View from the front. Opposite view of the Miami Vice camera.

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If you regnize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

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