Miami Vice

Episode 51

   El Viejo


Original air date: 11/07/1986

Filming for this episode was conducted from 06/17/1986 through 06/30/1986 with three additional days of filming on 07/22/1986 through 07/24/1986. There was also filming for the new, replacement teaser (the one we see aired) in the second half of October. The teaser we see was not written until 10/14/1986.

The episode starts out with Lt. Castillo assisting Vince Wilson, a Broward County Narcotics Officer. They are inside the O.C.B, a set at Greenwich Studios. This scene was not originally planed for the show. The teaser was suppose to be the scene that we see open Act 1. Just my opinion but that scene at the museum would have been more in line with the classic Vice style teaser.

Then we meet Wilson’s ride. They must think this is a good place to introduce vehicles because this is the exact same spot at Greenwich Studios where we were introduced to Crockett’s Testarossa in Stone’s War.

The studio building in the immediate background was torn down after Vice but is seen in the vintage satellite picture below.

Stone’s War

Then we see Wilson meet with Mendez and his underlings. This was filmed at Miami Marina at Bayside. The Bayside Marketplace is seen in the background with it’s construction nearing completion.

Crockett was probably unhappy that Mendez chose to use his exact slip at Miami Marina while Crockett had to tie up on Watson Island.

Then we see the opening montage. It returns to the 7th version. The version seen at the start of episodes 45 and 46 before the Testarossa was introduced. This is due to the rearranging of the order in which they decided to air the episodes.

Act 1 opens with what was originally intended to be the teaser. This was filmed at the Post Office located at 1300 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach.

Final version:

Switek: Ohh, what did Elvis take a bite out of one of Sonny’s girlfriends.

Crockett:  That’s real cute wiseguy. The poor guy ate a six pack and cut his gums on the plastic rings, all right.

Upon arrival they quip that they were late because they had to stop at the vet. Then the joke we see in the final version differs from what was in the script:


Crockett: Hey my crocodile’s important to me.

Switek: (feigned gravity) Don’t tell me Elvis picked up something from one of your girlfriends.

Crockett: (paternal) Nothing that serious. Poor guy got loose and ate a poodle that disagreed with him.

Switek: ( impressed whistle, then) That poodle sushi can be mean.

We go inside for the meet with Mendez. The interior scene was filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

Things don’t go well and the crew flees. The exterior scenes were again at the Washington Avenue Post Office.

Then we see an establishing exterior shot of Gold Coast Shipping, 615 SW 2nd Ave. This is reused footage originally seen in Out Where the buses Don’t Run. Also previously reused in Buddies, and Definitely Miami.

Then we go inside the OCB, a set at Greenwich Studios. This was where Act 1 was originally to begin. In this scene, Switek refers to Vince Wilson who we meet in the teaser as a Broward County Narcotics Officer. He refers to him now as a DEA Agent out of San Antonio. This goof is no doubt due in part to the last minute change in teaser. It makes allot more sense in the story that he be from Texas.

Then we go to the old man’s room where we see he has the briefcase with the two kilos. This was filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see the old man inside a pawn shop hocking one of his pistols. This is also a set at Greenwich Studios.

From the pawn slip we learn the old man is Jake Pierson and he is staying at the Royal Hotel. This exterior shot of the Pawn Shop was filmed at 1630 Euclid Avenue on Miami Beach.

Then we cut to the 4300 block of Collins Avenue where the camera pans from looking south to east to north at the Barcelona Hotel, 4343 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach. Here we see Paco enter the hotel. We saw this entrance used in episode 34, Definitely Miami.

Gina and Trudy are already there, by the pool. A couple of admirers buy them drinks by the pool. They are on the deck where Crockett and Tubbs were when we were introduced to Callie in Definitely Miami.

Definitely Miami

Then we see Jake arrive fresh from the men’s clothing store. We do not see the scene from the clothing store as it was entirely cut but it was filmed at 700 Lincoln Road Mall. Here we see him sporting his new jacket, walk right past the ice cream shop from episode 22, Lombard.

Next we go to the St. Vitus Dance which is now tied up at the Watson Island Marina.

While at the St. Vitus, Crockett gets a call from Gina. Gina is calling from the lobby of the Barcelona Hotel.

We see Trudy approach the old man in the Barcelona’s lobby as well as be approached by the admirers.

Read my bible.

Then we see Jake in his fancy hotel room. This was filmed on location at the Barcelona Hotel, 4343 Collins Avenue. Both the room and the hallway scenes were filmed on location.

Then we see some old footage of a Texas ranger shoot out. Source of this film is unknown.

After bringing Jake back to his room we cut to an exterior shot of the OCB/Gold Coast Shipping. The same reused footage we saw earlier in the episode originally used in Out Where the Buses Don’t Run.

Then we go inside, a set at the studio.

Then we see Crockett and Jake on the St, Vitus, still at Watson Island.

Then we cut to the Bolivian’s house. The interiors were filmed on set at Greenwich Studio.

Next we cut to the Rickebacker Causeway. To the west end near the toll booths. We saw this same section used in episode 48, Walk Alone.

As seen in Walk Alone

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                    El Viejo

Definitely Miami

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