Miami Vice

 Episode 54



Original air date: 12/05/1986.

Filming for this episode took place from October 17 through October 27 of 1986.

The episode starts on the street amongst the street walkers. We see a woman in front of 1041 Washington Avenue.

We see reused footage of the Gayety Burlesque sign.

Then reused footage of the Little Miss Dangerous, Sex World lips. These were on Hoffman’s. Collins Avenue at Espanola Way.

Then film from of the 2000 block of Collins Avenue.

Then Gino’s Garden from episode 11, Little Prince.

1906 Collins Avenue.

Then back to Washington Avenue in front of 1041.

Then more reused footage.

1041 Washington Avenue.

Sex World/Hoffman’s. Reused footage.

Back in front of 1041 Washington Avenue.

Then in front of 1057 Washington Avenue.


Then we see Big Booty Trudy walk from in front of 1041, north past what is now Surf Style.

Then past A+C 2 Pharmacy.

Then a sign for a Theatre Lounge. This was filmed at the the Gayety Burlesque, 2004 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach.

The molding design on the exterior is still in place on this building and was one of a number of key items that helped me find and confirm this location.

Door with diamond shaped panes was located here.

Then back to the middle of the block by 1041 Washington Avenue.

It cuts right back to Trudy at the north end of the block.

Then we cut to the Ramrod Hotel. This was filmed on Miami Beach at the intersection of Commerce Street and Washington Avenue. I believe the address was 56 Washington Ave. The St. David Court Apartment-Hotel. Thanks to everyone at who worked at finding this location and special thanks to CarolineUK who found the photo below right.

Stan is inside the surveillance van. This was most likely filmed at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see the opening montage. This episode reverts back to the 7th version of the montage. The pre Testarossa opening that we saw in episodes: 45,46, and 51.

Act 1 opens with C+T arriving in the alley where Stan is handing out copies of a warrant. This was filmed in the alley that runs east west from Jefferson Avenue to Washington Avenue between 1st Street and Commerce Street.

Then we go inside the hot sheet motel. In reality this is a set at Greenwich Studios.

The raid is on at the Ramrod Hotel.  

The motel manager makes a run for it and Tubbs tackles him. This was filmed on Washington Ave. The manager runs north toward 1st Street but is tackled by Tubbs right away. I was able to identify this location because we later see the same building in the background of another scene which I will detail when we get to that scene.

Then we go back inside where the squad bust into a room and finds a cop with a prostitute. If this scene somehow reminds you of the episode Glades, there is a reason. They were both filmed in offices on the first floor of the studio’s courtyard. Though painted differently the rooms have the same set up, shape and position of the door and windows.

As seen in Glades.

Then we go to the police station. A set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see a couple of guys playing pool outside and then Silk pulls in and picks one of them up. Thanks to CarolineUK working on the group effort thread at we now know that this was filmed in the 1000 block of Collins Court on Miami Beach. Behind the buildings on Washington Avenue that we see so much of in this episode.

Then we see them arrive at 1041 Washington Avenue, “Frank’s Restaurant”. Here he picks up one of his girls.

Then we see them head into a building up the back stairs. This may have been filmed in the 1400 block of Collins Court, Miami Beach but I have not confirmed that yet.

Location unknown.

Then we go inside. This is likely a set at the studio but that is not confirmed.

Location unknown.

Then we go inside the OCB. This was a set inside Stage A at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see Trudy calling in from the Mayflower Hotel. Location unknown.

Next, the Vice squad joins Trudy at the Mayflower Hotel. This looks like a set but I have yet to confirm this.

Location unknown.

Then we go to the Checker Club. In reality this was filmed at the rear of Club Z, Now Mansion nightclub. 1235 Washington Avenue. This was filmed at the rear on Collins Court.

Parked here.

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Looking north on Washington Ave. from Biscayne St.

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