Miami Vice

 Episode 63

 Red Tape


Original air date: 03/13/1987.

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The teaser starts with two guys throwing a football in a South Beach Alley at 5:15 ante meridiem. This alley may look familiar as it was used in The Good Collar and has since been used in Burn Notice episode 48, Breach of Faith. Collins Ct. by 1st Street.

Then we see the Testarossa turn from southbound on Ocean Drive to westbound on 1st Street toward Collins Ave. Our view point is from above 1st Street just west of Collins Avenue.

Then they cross Collins Avenue and pass by the Nemo.

They stop and park in front of 227 1st Street. This was the drug house in The Good Collar. It was also seen in Burn Notice where it was seen opposite the mortuary in Breach of Faith.

As they walk eastbound down the north side of 1st Street we see a rare view of the long gone water tower.

They go inside the Nemo (100 Collins Avenue) to execute their warrant. We see this location used again in the Burn Notice episode, Made Man.

The door is rigged to explode, they were expected.

Filmed on location within the Nemo.

Then we see the standard season 3 opening montage.

Following the montage Act 1 opens still at the Nemo as the crew deals with the aftermath of the explosion. Crockett, an undercover Detective is standing out front having his photo taken by the press.

Then we see Tubbs at the Credit Union. This was filmed on a set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we cut to the exterior of the hospital. This was filmed on Brickell Key at the Courvoisier Centre, 501 Brickell Key Dr. The Emergency sign is on a fake wall added for the filming. The real exterior door is seen several times through the open emergency door. At the start of the scene we see the bridge that was used in episode 15, Smuggler’s Blues.

Then we see an exterior establishing shot of the SW corner of the Dade county Courthouse. This is reused footage from “episode 2”, Heart of Darkness.

Then we go inside. This was filmed back at the same building that we just saw being used as the hospital. The Courvoisier Centre, 501 Brickell Key Drive. It is pretty obvious that we are seeing the same buildings in the background out the window as we just saw at the start of the hospital scene.

There we see Vicky get a phone call from Detective McIntyre. He is calling from a set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see an exterior establishing shot of the Miami Police Department. 400 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami.

Then we go inside. A set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we go to the OCB interior where Tubbs is packing up. This was also a set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see Tubbs inside Club Ovo where he meets McIntyre at the bar. This was filmed on location at Club Ovo, the former Hoffman’s Cafe, and now known as Jerry’s Famous Deli. 1450 Collins Avenue. We have seen this location used in: Little Miss Dangerous, Made For Each Other, Walk Alone, Streetwise, and the movie, A Hole in The Head.

Then we see McIntyre follow Tubbs out of the club. He walks westbound down Espanola Way and Tubbs grabs him and puts him against the wall of the alleyway at the rear of Club OVO.

Then we cut to the OCB where we se an exterior establishing shot. This is the third time in the series that we see this footage. We first saw it used in episode 26, The Dutch Oven. We then saw it reused in episode 57, Down For The Count Part 2. This footage with the bus going by is the 15th version of footage that we see of the OCB exterior in the series.

Then we go inside. A studio set.

Then we see McIntyre meet with Avilla aboard a boat. This was also filmed on Brickell Key, along the west shoreline.

Then we see Tubbs meet with McIntyre. This was filmed at the Miami River boat ramp in Gerry Curtis Park. We saw this used in Miami Vice before in episode 59, The Savage/Duty and Honor.

The grassy area where Tubbs waits by the stylish pay phones has now been modified to be paved parking spots for vehicles with boat trailers but still instantly recognizable

As Tubbs walks over to meet McIntyre we see the area where Castillo met with his CIA contact in The savage/Duty and Honor.

The Savage

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As seen in the Good Collar.

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