Original air date: 04/03/1987

Principal filming dates: 02/18/1987 thru 02/26/1987

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The episode starts with a prison bus stopping and releasing a prisoner in a barren area. His biker friends are there to meet him. This was filmed at the very west end of Dodge Island. Only a few yards north of where Castillo met with General Lao Li in Golden Triangle.

As seen in Golden Triangle

The teaser ends there and then we see the standard season 3 opening montage.

Act 1 opens outside a Miami Beach Church, at the Wire’s funeral. This was filmed on location at St. Patrick Church, 3716 Garden Avenue. We see this exterior view in the Burn Notice episode, Bloodlines. We see the interior of the attached church  complex used in When Irish Eyes Are Crying.

Stan is watching from the SW corner of the intersection of Barry Street with Garden Avenue.

Crockett and Tubbs are amongst the mourners even though the dialog reveals that Crockett is the one who killed him.

The Vice Squad is not the only ones there taking pictures. Across Garden Avenue to the west is Reb and his cohorts.

The funeral procession heads off to the north on Garden Avenue.

Then we go inside the OCB, a set in Stage A of Greenwich Studios.

Then we cut to the bikers hideout. The exterior was filmed on Virginia Key, at the north end of the Jimbo’s complex.

Then we go inside where Reb watches the Wire’s video will.

Then we see the bikers westbound over the Rickenbacker Causeway Bridge.

Then we see C+T stop on Ocean Drive in front of the Clevelander Hotel. The bikers pass by going thru a red light at 10th Street.

Then we see C+T talking to the operator of the limo service at the Clevelander. The parking lot where they talked is no longer there. The spot has been incorporated into the swimming pool area.

Then we see the bikers arrive at the Wire’s sister ’s (Victoria) place.

This was very likely filmed on a studio set.

Then we see the bikers arrive on the 14th floor of the Atlantis Condos. 2025 Brickell Avenue, Miami. The Atlantis condos gained fame in the 4th episode, Hit List and is seen in the opening montages. Also seen in Trust Fund Pirates, Baby Blues and the movie Scarface.

25 45’ 10.70” N  80 11’ 54.00” W

They knock on and gain entrance to unit 1405.

They take care of business at the pool not concerned that they are being watched by the security cameras.

Then we see the bikers continue their rounds. We see them leaving a house after shooting another victim. Thankfully they used the front of this residence in a later scene so we were able to find out where this was filmed. Filmed on location at the rear of 3650 Flamingo Drive, Miami Beach.

Then we return to the biker’s hang out at Jimbo’s on Virginia Key.

Then we see C+T inside the sister’s studio. Likely a set.

Then we go to the beach where the bikers pressure Izzy for information including the name of C+T. We see the bikers arrive headed east on 9th Street and stop in Lummus park opposite 9th Street.


Waldorf Towers

Then we see Crockett and Tubbs arrive at the Atlantis. The dialog indicates they are headed up to room 1201.

They go inside where they rule out a suicide.

Then we return to the OCB filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we go visit Jack at a bar. Thanks to Tom at miamiviceonline.com we now know that this was filmed at The Waldorf Towers Hotel, 860 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. In the basement bar that was also seen used in God’s Work and Baby Blues.

Then we return to the Atlantis for yet a third victim of Reb at this location.

Intercut we see the bikers arriving across the water on the Rickenbacker Causeway. Not a realistic shot at over 800 yards with the equipment he was using.

Then we see the Vice Squad on the scene cleaning up.

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25 46’ 49.90” N  80 07’ 50.52” W

25 44’ 47.20 N  80  11’ 17.80” W

25 44’ 51.22” N  

80 08’ 45.22” W

25 48’ 41.05” N  80 08’ 05.31” W

25 48’ 41.05” N  80 08’ 05.31 W

25 46’ 34.94” N  80 10’ 48.75” W

25 46’ 44.87” N  80 07’ 49.54” W

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