Miami Vice

 Episode 68

Heroes of The Revolution


Original air date: 05/08/1987.

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The episode starts in Havana, 1961. In reality this was filmed in Miami Beach. It appears to have been filmed on Washington Avenue but I have not confirmed the exact location yet.

Then we see Gina as her mother enter a dressing room. Filming location unknown.

Then we see two military men arrive at The Black Cat. This was filmed on location at the Hotel Victor, 1144 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. We have seen the Victor used previously in episodes 3 Cool Runnin’, 11 Little Prince, 28 Junk Love, 33 Phil The Shill and 37 Little Miss Dangerous as well as in the background of driving scenes in Milk Run and Golden Triangle. Burn Notice has since used the Victor in episodes 8 Wanted Man, 41 Enemies Closer, and 55 Blind Spot.

Then we cut back to the dressing room. Location unknown but very likely filmed on set at the studio.

Then back to The Black Cat, filmed on location in the lobby of the Hotel Victor.

It then cuts back to the dressing room one last time before she takes the stage.

They make good use of the Victor’s small lobby, placing the stage at the top of the stairs that lead down to the back half of the lobby.

After shooting Elena they flee out the front ending the teaser.

Then we see the standard season 3 opening montage.

Act 1 opens with C+T outside a residence watching for the resident. This was filmed on location at 4950 Pine Tree Drive, Miami Beach.

We see Gina and Trudy tailing a car northbound on Pine Tree Drive past C+T’s location at 4950. The camera is now shooting from the median at approximately C+T’s position and viewing east.

Then we see them southbound over the bridge back toward C+T’s location. This bridge goes over the waterway that Tubbs used to escape in the Pilot of Miami Vice. Stan is parked on the bridge facing south with the intersection of 51st Street seen in the background.

Gina and Trudy drive by C+T while the Ferrari they were tailing pulls into 4950 Pine Tree Drive.

Stan gets out on the bridge and starts taking pictures of the action at 4950 Pine Tree Drive. The view of the property that Stan had, has since been blocked by vegetation.

Stan notices that someone else is watching the house.

Then we cut to the OCB, filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we cut to Miami International Airport. They arrive westbound on NW 21st Street.

We see C+T park in a garage and take off. The plane lifting off is no doubt stock footage.

Then we see Stan in the darkroom developing his pictures. This was filmed on set at the studio.

He then shows Castillo the photos. Filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

This leads Castillo to check with the Feds to see if they are on Pedrosa. Likely a set at Greenwich Studios but location unknown.

Then we cut back to Pedrosa’s at 4950 Pine Tree Drive.

Then we see some stock footage of New York, Times Square.

Then we see C+T in a car. This looks like Washington Avenue but I have not confirmed this yet.

We then see them arrive in downtown Miami at the Ingraham Building, 25 SE 2nd Avenue.

Then we cut back to Pedrosa’s on Pine Tree Drive.

They head northbound on Pine Tree Drive.

Then northbound on Washington Avenue passing the post Office at 1300 Washington Avenue.

Then we see them stopped on 14th Street at Washington Avenue with the post office in the background.

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They drive past the location (1334 Washington Avenue) where C+T enter the SWAT van in El Viejo and we see in the teaser of Everybody’s in Showbiz.

25 47’ 07.21” N  80 07’ 54.35” W

25 46’ 25.66” N  80 11’ 24.57” W

25 47’ 41.76” N  80 15’ 57.10” W

25 49’ 31.77” N  80 07’ 29.55” W

25 49’ 31.77” N  80 07’ 29.55” W

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