Original air date: 10/03/1986.

Filming for this episode took place 08/04/1986 through 08/12/1986.

Production code 62012 Production order 48.

The episode starts out in a small Latin American village with Ira Stone running off with film showing Americans killing a priest. Most of this was reportedly footage from El Salvador from the film Latino (1985). The footage with Stone was filmed at Jimbo’s on Virginia Key.

Then we see the opening montage. It is the same as we saw in episode 45, When Irish Eye Are Crying.

After the montage we see some vintage stock footage of an American Airlines DC10 Luxury Liner landing at what appears to be LAX (they fly by the Sheraton as they land). I say vintage because the footage was taken sometime before June of 1979. I know this because as the plane is landing I can clearly read DC10 Luxury Liner on the side of the plane. In May 1979 there was a terrible crash in Chicago as an engine fell out of a DC10. It was well known at the time that American Airlines removed the DC10 label off all their DC10s shortly after the crash because they thought people would be afraid to fly on their planes and they would lose business. It may have worked but I think it was unnecessary because most people were aware that it was a maintenance issue, putting the engine in with a fork lift after repair, and not a design flaw.

Then we see the return of Ira Stone and Crockett is at the airport to meet him. This appears to all have been filmed at Miami International Airport. I will have to look around the airport to verify this but it definitely looks right.

Then we cut to the St. Vitus Dance where Crockett has taken Stone aboard. For only the second time in the series they are not docked at the MiaMarina. In French Twist they docked at the Villa Regina Marina on Brickell Ave. and now they are docked on Watson Island north of Chalk’s seaplane base.

Stone stays overnight with Crockett and Elvis and we see him on the phone the next morning as Crockett heads to work.

Then we flashback to season 1 where we see an establishing shot of the exterior of the O.C.B. (Gold Coast Shipping). This is the fourth time we have seen this exact footage. We originally saw it in Cool Runnin’. Then we saw it re-used in Give a Little, Take  a Little and again in Tale Of The Goat.

Then we go inside, a set at Greenwich Studios.

There Castillo tells Crockett his new ride is outback and it is.  Really out front, of the studio. The trailer park next door to the studio can be seen in the background at the start of the scene.  We are introduced to Crockett’s Testarossa.


Crockett’s Testarossa now resides at the Swap Shop in Sunrise, Florida.

Then we return to the St. Vitus on Watson Island.

Stone gets a phone call from some spooky guys that look like they are from McLean.  Based on the background it appears that they are calling from inside Love 94 Studios, 194 NW 187th Street, Norland section of Miami. This may also be a set, I will have to go to NW 187th Street to verify.  Location unsure.

Then we see WLVE Studios.  This is actually the Love 94 Studios.

Stone spots trouble and makes a run for it. He makes his escape on the back of a news van.

Then we return to the St. Vitus where Crockett, who is sick of Stone’s lies tells him he is out of there the next day.

Then we cut to the O.C.B. (studio set) where Crockett learns that there is a warrant for Stone’s arrest, issued out of Miami.

Then Crockett returns to the St. Vitus Dance where he gets himself knocked out only to be awoken by a phone call from Stone. Stone is back at the airport.  At the global express counter. This was probably filmed at the airport but I will have to verify this in person.

Then we see Crockett  responding to the airport. He is traveling southbound on West Avenue on Miami Beach. The camera was positioned at the intersection of 16th Street and West Ave. It starts off shooting north then pans to the south as Crockett passes.

Then we see him arrive at Global Express. I believe this was filmed at the airport but I have not confirmed this 100%.

He picks up Stone and they race out through what looks like an airport parking garage. Location unsure.

Then we see them being chased down the road. The first segment is shot too closely to tell where it was filmed. Then we see Crockett pull out of 15th Terrace onto West Ave. headed northbound then at the next block turn right away onto 16th Street headed west. This is the same stretch where we just saw Crockett as he headed to the airport.


They turn the corner and it cuts. We then see Crockett and Stone inside the Testarossa. Only they are not on Miami Beach anymore but back out at the airport as the highway signs in the background indicate.


Then we see them race southbound on West Ave. toward 16th Street.  

Then pass 15th Terrace on West Ave.

Then we see them turn onto West Ave again from 15th Terrace, go 1 block, and turn onto 16th Street. Same shot as earlier only the camera has moved it’s position out into the Avenue.

Then we see Crockett turn onto Lincoln Lane eastbound from Euclid Ave. southbound.

There is a tractor trailer inexplicably parked across the street. Fortunately it has been given added height by placing wooden planks under the landing gear.

This is the same back alley we see Sandoval shoot at the street light in episode 42, Free Verse.  As the Testarossa clears the trailer we can see the Free Verse location well, with the Miami Vice paint job still on the building.

As seen in Free Verse

Free Verse

Reverse view

The guys after Stone did not clear the trailer.

Then we see a cut of Crockett speeding along what appears to be Biscayne Blvd. Then it cuts and we see him a few yards away from the trailer leaving the alley.

Then Crockett demands answers as he drives along. He is southbound on SW 2nd Avenue having just crossed the Miami River.  He is approaching Gold Coast Shipping which he then pulls into.

Then Crockett goes to a meeting with reporter, Alicia Mena. This was filmed on the front steps of the Greenberg Traurig Building, 1221 Brickell Avenue. We see this building used in Miami Vice 2006, True Lies, as well as in Burn Notice episode 8, Wanted Man. It was also seen under construction in the Miami Vice episode, One Eyed Jack.



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of episode 46,

 Stone’s War.

Planks under landing gear to give added height to the trailer which allowed the Testarossa to clear.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown loations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

Thanks to Will Calder for this excellent re-creation photo.


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        Miami Vice
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