The last scene was all a dream, over worked Crockett wakes up at his desk inside the O.C.B. (studio set).

          Miami Vice

Shadow In The Dark

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Then Crockett looks at an aerial photograph of Coconut Grove centered around Cocoplum.

Then he calls the crew out to the streets. We see them meet on a residential street. They are parked on Coacoochee Street with 1800 Espanola Drive seen in the background.

They are seen leaving from a side window of 1798 Espanola Drive where the figure is inside attacking a young woman. Apparently Crockett is tuned into this guy. This is also the house where we saw Gilmore shoot up the freezer.

Then we see an exterior establishing shot of Cedars Hospital, NW 12th Avenue at NW 14th Street.

Then we go inside the hospital. A set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see the figure in his apartment. A set at the studio.

Then we cut to the O.C.B set.

While there they inter cut to the Figure prowling a home. This was filmed at 3067 Jefferson Street in Coconut Creek.  An address we will see again in this episode.

Then we see a strange dream like scene where Crockett is the Figure.  This was filmed at the studio.

Next we see a quick shot of stock footage of a sunset.

Then we see Crockett and Tubbs standing outside 1781 Espanola Drive, Coconut Grove.

Then we see Crockett and Tubbs on the road. The first cut is borrowed film from When Irish Eyes Are Crying. They are eastbound on NW 21st Street toward NW 39th Avenue.

Then we see them eastbound on the Venetian Causeway passing East Rivo Alto Drive.

Then they continue on the Venetian Causeway, exact location unsure.

Then westbound off of San Marino Island.

Then to the east. They are westbound onto San Marco Island.

They receive a call that the figure has been caught which leads them to the O.C.B. Set.

Then we go to the County Psych Ward where Gilmore has summonsed Crockett. This was filmed inside the Lido Spa Hotel at 40 Island Avenue, Miami Beach.

Then we go to the Captains office. A set at Greenwich Studios.

Then they walk out into municipal lot 14A on Miami Beach.  Washington Avenue at 16th Street.

Then we see Tubbs and Crockett at Puerto Antonio Cuban Restaurant, 1649 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach.

While there we see Crockett holding a picture of a home that the figure may be targeting. Interestingly it is Crockett’s old girlfriend’s home. Brenda’s home from episode 20, Nobody Lives Forever.

As seen in Nobody Lives Forever.

Then we return to the Lido where Gilmore picks the same house.

Castillo authorizes the operation and they go. We then see “Brenda’s house”- 3067 Jefferson Street, Coconut Grove.

Crockett saves the night.

You live with me, don’t you.

Then we go to the interrogation room. A set at Greenwich Studios. Then we see Crockett violently awaken from a dream. He was asleep in his bed aboard the St. Vitus Dance. Also a set at Greenwich Studios.





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