Original air date: 01/23/1987

Filming for this episode took place from 1/10/1986 through 11/18/1986

Production code 62015 Production order 59

The episode starts with a couple of nice panoramic shots of Miami. First we see the sunset beyond downtown from over Crockett’s marina (S1+S2). Then we see Miami from Dodge Island/Port of Miami.

Then we cut to a black tie gala. This was filmed at the Deering Estate. 16701 SW 72nd Avenue, Miami. We have seen this location used previously in episode 30, Bushido as well as future episodes of Miami Vice, The Afternoon Plane, Leap Of Faith, and Freefall.

They head upstairs for business. The same stairs we see used in Bushido.

As seen in Bushido

Then we see the opening montage (version 8). This was the longest teaser of season 3.

Act 1 opens with the crew cleaning up the mess at the Deering Estate.

Then we cut to the OCB (studio set) where Switek calls from the Deering Estate with news of the buy money.

Then we see C+T at Metro. This was also a set at Greenwich Studios.

This leads us to the Coconut Palm Country Club. In reality this was filmed at 4000 Towerside Terrace, Miami Shores. We have seen this used before in episode 36, One Way Ticket.

Then we see an exterior establishing shot of Gold Coast Shipping. This is an extended version of reused footage from episode 49, The Good Collar.

Then we go inside the OCB (set).

Then we cut to Vasquez’s boat. This was filmed at 1090 Mariner Drive on Key Biscayne. In the canal on the west border of the property that runs north between Mariner Drive and Harbor Drive to the west.

Crockett calls from the OCB (set).

Then we see an exterior establishing shot of a house. Location unknown.

Then we see Crockett at the meet. I was lucky to figure out where this was filmed by recognizing the area. This was filmed at 1090 Mariner Drive, Key Biscayne. The same property where Victor has his boat docked.

Then Tubbs calls and tells Crockett that Flores has been killed. Tubbs and Flores are at 4000 Towerside Terrace.

Then we see an exterior establishing shot of the OCB (Gold Coast Shipping) with a grey car at the corner. This is reused footage from When Irish Eyes Are Crying. The 23rd version of footage that we see of the OCB exterior in the series.

Then we go inside the OCB (set).

Than we see an aerial establishing shot of the Everglades. Exact location unknown.

Then we hit the ground at the training camp. Location unknown.

Goof: Clearly visible is a long control cable from the car to the hood to control how far the hood can fly when the car blows.

Then we cut to the St. Vitus Dance, docked at Watson Island.

Then we return to the OCB (set).

Then we see a van speeding down a remote road. This was filmed on the often used Arthur Lamb Jr. Road on Virginia Key.

Then they arrive at the camp. Location unknown.

Then we return to the OCB (set).

Then we see them arrive at the safe house. This was filmed at 1090 Mariner Drive, Key Biscayne. Strangely this is the same location used for their first meet and Victor’s boat.

Goof: They smash the window in the sliding glass door to gain entry but the door clearly slides as they hit it showing it was not locked and would have slid open had they tried.

Then we cut to Slade and Victor in Slade’s car.

Location unknown.

Then we see Crockett in the van on a remote road where they toss out the briefcase that has the tracking device. Location unknown.

Crockett takes off on foot.

Location unknown.

Learns of the kidnapped family and gets away.

He calls Tubbs who is at the OCB (set).

Crockett is at a payphone at the front of Royal Court Motel. 10821 Biscayne Blvd. We have seen this location before in episode 7, No Exit.

Then we see the brigade on the move. Location unknown.

Then we see C+T with Switek in the van. Location unknown.

Then we see them rescue the Vasquez family. Location unknown.

They call into Castillo who is inside the OCB (set).

Then we head out to Route 107. In reality they are on Arthur Lamb Jr. Road on Virginia Key.

Then we see them staging and Slade taking off with his money. This was filmed just off Arthur Lamb Jr. Road. When we see Slade pulling out we see that they are in the exact same spot we see Michael  in episode 19 of Burn Notice, Rough Seas.

Then we see the limo headed down Arthur Lamb Jr. Road. Followed by SWAT.

Then we see Miami Air Wolf. This footage was likely culled from the filming of When Irish Eyes Are crying.

Then we see Stan capture Slade with classic Miami Vice dialog. Exact location on Virginia Key unknown.

SWAT moves in but one of the troops attacks the limo driven by Crockett. Not one of Vice’s finest moments as the lame explosion goes off way ahead of the slow moving limo and then Crockett leaps out the side of the limo that is under direct fire, manages not only to be unscathed but shoot the soldier. Not the most realistic vice scene.

Above and below: As seen in Burn Notice, Rough Seas

The episode ends here.





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The Sage/ Duty and Honor

Miami Vice
Episode 58
Cuba Libre

As they walk up the stairs and onto a landing, we see them walk past a temporary wall that was set up for the filming and is covered with neon lights. It covers the end of the hallway that leads thru doors to an outdoor balcony.

False wall covers this area up to wall

Then we see them walk into a second floor room. As they do we see another false/temporary wall (over fireplace wall) and a temporary/false door has replaced the real door. In my re-creation shot we see the real door. The fake door has knobs installed but as is common on sets, no latch or bolt coming thru side of door. This is especially interesting as in this scene at one point the door appears locked which of course would not be possible. I am sure they replaced the door so they did not damage the historic copper door that is normally there.

This is the same room used by Jimindez in Freefall  and Laura Gretsky in Bushido. This one room has seen a lot of Vice.

Same room as the party in this episode and General’s interview in Freefall.


Northbound by treatment plant toward Jimbo’s

Reverse view.

59 Savage