Original air date: 02/06/1987.

The episode starts out in South Vietnam with Castillo investigating a string of prostitute killings in 1972. The start is stock footage. Then we see Castillo arrive on the scene of a murder. This was filmed at an unknown Miami area location.

Then it cuts to modern day with a similar situation. This was filmed in the 600 block of South Miami Avenue. The building has since been torn down.

Originally titled The Savage, the title was changed to Duty and Honor for syndication.

Then we see the standard season 3 opening montage (version 8).

Act one opens aboard the St. Vitus Dance with Crockett being interrupted by a call to work. Unknown if this was a set or aboard the boat at Watson Island.  

Then we cut to the interior of the OCB (set at Greenwich Studios).

Next we cut to South Pointe Park where Lt. Castillo meets with Capt. Conley to get his squad relieved from the protection detail so they can work full force on the hooker killings. We see a nice view of Fisher Island before it was built up by development.

Then we cut to the V.A. Rehab. Center. This was filmed at the Orlando Urra, Allapattah Community Center. 2257 NW North River Drive, Miami.

Then we return to the crime scene. The house where the hooker was killed on South Miami Avenue.

Then we cut to the OCB (set) where Castillo knows it was Nguyn Van Trahn.

Then we go to Metro, also a set at Greenwich Studios. There, old friends reunite.

Then we cut to the Savage’s hotel. This was filmed at the Kenmore Hotel. 1050 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach.

Then we return to the VA Rehab Center where C+T get to work.

Intercut we see the Savage out on the prowl. Not enough is seen to determine where he is driving.

Then we see him pick up a victim. This was filmed on the South Miami Avenue Bridge very close to the house where they found the first victim.

Then we see the attack inside the room. Likely a set at the studio, location unknown.

Then we go to the OCB (set) where Trudy has done some good research.

Then back to the Rehab center.

Again to the OCB before going to the house where Espinoza is staying. Location unknown.

Then we return to the OCB (set).

Then we cut to the South Miami Avenue Bridge again. This time the Vice Squad is there. Stan, Sonny, Gina and Trudy on the west side of the street by the Juvenile Justice Building. The Savage is on the east side of the street.

The Savage takes off. Crockett in pursuit, eastbound on SW 6th Street.

Then we return to the OCB (set).

Then we return to the rehab center where they learn about the Savage.

Then we see Castillo meet with an Ex-CIA friend on the river. This was filmed at the boat ramp opposite the VA Rehab. Center (Allapattah Community Center).

Then we return to the Hotel.

Intercut we see the OCB.

We see the Savage in his hotel room. This appears to have been filmed at the Kenmore Hotel.

The gang arrives at the hotel but the Savage has already killed the desk clerk and left.

We cut to the savage in room. This looks like a set but location unknown.

We return to the river where Castillo finds out more about the Savage and his handler.

Then we see Trahn and Castillo arrive at the Park Central Hotel. This was filmed on location at 640 Ocean Drive.

Then we cut to the house where Espinoza is staying.

Location unknown.

We see Trahn and Castillo driving toward Espinoza. Location unknown.

Castillo and Trahn invade Espinosa’s , Castillo gets stabbed and Trahn saves him by killing the Savage. Location unknown.

Then we see Trahn kill Coleman. Location unknown.

Then we go to South Beach where C+T deliver a letter from Trahn to Castillo. The episode ends here. This was filmed opposite 8th Street at Lummus Park.



We see what is now Smith and Wollensky being built In the background.

In the background we see the spot where Crockett played chicken in episode 57, Down For The Count, Part 2.

Down For The Count Part 2

Then we see reused footage of Crockett and Stone from episode 46, Stone’s War. They are southbound on West Avenue approaching 16th Street.

Then we cut to new footage on Ocean Drive. They are passing 7th Street headed northbound. The distinctive front of the Avalon Hotel helps to identify this location.

Then we see Crockett still northbound on Ocean Drive. Unsure what street he is passing.

Then we see the Savage northbound up Ocean Court parallel to Crocket. He is at the rear of the Waldorf Towers and then crosses 9th Street

Crockett turns from Ocean Drive onto 9th Street westbound to pull in behind the Savage, northbound on Ocean Ct.

They continue northbound up Ocean Court thru the 900 block.

Then, somehow they are southbound in the same alley, Ocean Court, headed past the rear of the Waldorf Towers.

Then across an unknown street.

Then northbound in the 900 block of Ocean Court where Crockett is temporarily blocked behind the Edison Hotel.


Crockett clears the way and makes it to the next cross street, 10th Street where he sees the Savage’s car abandoned and crashed at the side of the Essex House Hotel.


Then inside the OCB (set).



If you recognize where any of the unknown locations were filmed or have something else to add, please let me know at cglide@floridamovielocations.org

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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

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