Miami Vice

 Episode 60



Original air date: 02/13/19987.

The teaser opens on a drug dealer’s house where Crockett, Tubbs and Switek are doing surveillance. This was filmed on Hibiscus Island at 17 North Hibiscus Drive.

While on the stakeout Crockett calls his girlfriend who is at work. This was filmed at North Shore Medical Center. 1100 NW 95th Street, Miami.

Switek is in the van which was likely filmed at the studio.

Local security blows the deal and the delivery is dumped over the bay.

Then we see the standard season 3 opening montage.

Act 1 opens aboard the St Vitus Dance docked at  Watson Island.

Then we cut to Theresa at work, North Shore Medical Center.

Then we cut to a courtroom. This appears to be a set based on the rear third of the courtroom being covered by black curtains. However; I do not think it was at Greenwich Studios. Based on the very unique ceiling structure and recessed lighting and having that match the ceiling structure and lighting that we later see in the hospital, I believe it is extremely likely that the courtroom scene was filmed within the Medical Center complex but I have not confirmed this yet.

Then we see a exterior establishing shot of Gold Coast Shipping that we first saw used in episode 4, Hit List then again in Evan, Out Where The Buses Don’t Run, Tale of The Goat, Bought and Paid For, and Florence Italy.

Then we go inside, a studio set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see a van arriving at the property warehouse. We see the van eastbound on SE 5th Street passing under the just completed Miami Avenue Bridge over the Miami River.

Then we see the van arrive at the property warehouse. This empty lot was a very popular filming location for Miami Vice. We saw it used for the trailer where Trudy was tied to a bomb in Smuggler’s Blues. The theft of a cement mixer in Made For Each Other. As the diner location in The Good Collar. We have since seen in used in Burn Notice, episodes 11/12 Dead Drop and 33 Signals and Codes.

They leave the explosive loaded van and take off in a car, the way they came. They pass Crockett under the Miami Avenue Bridge as he is arriving. Then the evidence goes up in flames.

The Bank of America tower is seen in the background with some unique lighting.

Then we cut to the medical center where Theresa is seen shooting up.

Next we return to the OCB (set).

Then we cut to Theresa who is at work (N. Shore Medical Center). There Crockett confronts her.

Then we cut to the Testarossa headed northbound on Collins Avenue past the Fontainebleau. This is not new footage, it is reused footage from Killshot.

Then we see Crockett park and talk things out with Theresa. This was filmed at the SW corner of Dodge Island, the Port of Miami.

Then we cut to a Federal Court in Miami. Why they would be at a federal court is a mystery. This is the same court building we saw in Out Where The Buses Don’t Run (different exit used). This was filmed at N Miami Avenue at NE 3rd Street.

All though suspended, Crockett somehow still has use of his department issued car and we see him at the Surfside Treatment Center. This was filmed at the C Gordon Griffith Community Cancer Center.  

Next we see Tubbs using the bathroom for some enhanced interrogation.

Location unknown.

Then we go to Ocean Drive at 13th Street, the Carlyle where Miami Vice “started”. We see a view very similar to the view we saw in the Pilot.

Switek and Tubbs pull up and stop in front of the Cardozo Hotel. Most famous for it’s role as the Garden of Eden in the movie, A Hole In The Head. It has been seen in the Miami Vice episodes: Cool Runnin, and Nobody Lives Forever. Burn Notice episode Broken Rules. Also in the movies: Marley and Me, Scarface, Ace Ventura Pet Detective.

Arzola walks out the front door of the Carlyle with a gun in his hand for no apparent reason and Switek yells out his name from across the street for no understandable reason.

Arzola jumps in his Lotus which is parked facing south on Ocean Drive in front of the Leslie Hotel.

Swytel and Tubbs take up the pursuit, southbound on Ocean Drive thru the 1200 Block.

Arzola turns westbound on 12th Street but finds the way blocked at Ocean Court by a tt unit. He turns, passes the van and heads back north on Ocean Drive.

Then we see Crockett southbound on Ocean Drive headed right toward Arzola. Somehow the bug van is not in the chase but parked in front of the Cardoza, ooopps!

Crockett cuts him off at 13th Street and he heads into Lummus Park. He stops near the spot where Jake and Bobbie get shot in Cool Runnin’.

Arzola drops his gun and walks in front of an on coming car.

Then we return to the Surfside Treatment Center. The exterior is that of the C. Gordon Griffith Community Cancer Center while the interior was filmed next door at the North Shore Medical Center. It should be easy to suss out the exact room she was in but I will have to go there in person to do so.

Then we return to the OCB. After a while it breaks for commercial and in a rare move it shows an exterior establishing shot of the OCB as they come back from commercial (reused from Trust Fund Pirates) but as seen on dvd it shows the OCB exterior after they have already been there for a while. I believe this was the first time that happened in the series.

Then we see Theresa scoring a fix. She did not go far to do this. She is still on the hospital grounds.

Then we see them walking inside. This was filmed inside the main complex of the North Shore Medical Center.

Then we return to 17 N. Hibiscus Drive where we see Crockett inside while Castillo and Switek listen in the van outside. The interior shots of Castillo and Switek were likely filmed at the studio. The van is shown parked in front of 14 S. Hibiscus Drive.

Intercut we return to the North Shore Medical Center where they put Theresa into an ambulance.

Crockett gets what he needs.

Crockett then goes to County (North Shore Medical Center) where he comforts Theresa.

Then we return to the Federal Court on N Miami Ave.

We go inside the courtroom which I believe was a set at the North Shore Medical Center complex.

Crockett goes to Theresa’s hospital room where he breaks up with her.

Then we see Gina and Tubbs at the OCB (set).

Tubbs calls Crockett with a diner invite. Crockett is parked back on Dodge Island/Port of Miami where he had parked with Theresa. The episode ends there.





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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:

61 The Afternoon Plane