Miami Vice

     Episode 62

Lend Me An Ear


Original air date: 02/27/1987.

Working Titles: Hear No Evil

The Better To Hear You With...Lend Me An Ear

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The episode starts with Jackson flying over Biscayne Bay and landing at Mueller’s house at 28 Harbor Point, Key Biscayne. Here it cuts before he reaches the house but we know that is where he is landing because this is reuse of the exact footage we saw in episode 43, Trust Fund Pirates.

When it cuts, all of a sudden we see much darker water. That is because we have switched to the bay above the MacArthur Causeway.

Then we see Crockett and Tubbs out on the bay watching. Not enough is shown to tell exactly where they are.

Then we see what appears to be a delivery between the seaplane and a small motorboat.

C+T look on.

“Let’s go”. We see both boats and the plane headed eastbound between Watson Island and the Venetian Causeway with the Miami Herald in the background.

Then southwest past Mendez’s house from El Viejo, 37 East Rivo Alto Dr. The camera was likely still set up on Monument Island.

Then C+T past the same location.

Then a third boat enters the chase. They don’t intend it to be a third boat but it is. It is Sagot headed north around Belle Isle and under the furthest east bridge of the Venetian Causeway. This film is from episode 36, One Way Ticket.

Then we see the chase back by Rivo Alto Island headed south.

Then back by Belle Isle where they are headed east.

They enter the Dade Blvd. Canal headed east.

Then we see them still eastbound in the canal, now between Alton Road and Jefferson Avenue.

Then we see them passing under the Alton Road Bridge headed east. This means that in real life they had back tracked because they had already passed by here.

Then we see them race thru the stretch  between Alton Road and Jefferson Avenue again, past the same houses.

Then we see them pass under a bridge again on the canal but not enough is shown to determine which bridge they go under.

Then still eastbound in the canal, now going away from The 23rd Street Bridge. They are headed toward Lake Pancoast and Collins Avenue. They pass under the pedestrian bridge that links Liberty Avenue on the south to Flamingo Drive on the north.

It cuts and we are back at the west end of the canal headed east under the Alton Road Bridge, it is now very late in the afternoon as the sun is seen setting in the west behind them.

Then we see them pass a house (1835 Michigan Ave.) that is just east of the houses we saw them pass twice before.

Then under the Alton Road Bridge again.

Then eastbound under the 17th Street Bridge back at the far west end of the canal.

As they exit from the 17th Street Bridge we see part of 1301 Dade Blvd. which we saw in the chase sequence of Bought and Paid For.

Then all of a sudden it jumps from the west end of the canal to the far east end at Lake Pancoast. We saw this same location in One Way Ticket where Crockett captures Sagot.

As seen in One Way Ticket.

The boat jumps from the Canal onto Collins Avenue at 24th Street where it skids across Collins and slows to a stop on 24th Street.

There were two people on the boat at the start of the chase, now there is only one and he is dead. No product,and no money on board.

Then we see the standard season 3 opening montage.

Act 1 opens inside the OCB. A set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we go to Dykstra’s home where they discuss recent events and the need to have the house swept for listening devices. This was filmed at 1727 W 27th Street, Sunset Island 2. We have seen this house used before in Evan and Little Miss Dangerous.

Then we see a nice panning shot of the Testarossa headed north on Interstate 95, crosses the Miami River and then exit into Downtown Miami. This was filmed in one continuous shot with a strong zoom lens. This was filmed from the Washington Mutual Building located at the intersection of SW 1st Avenue and SW 9th Street.

Starting over SW 8th Street.

Panning north with Cedars Medical Center in the background.

They continue north over the Miami River with East Coast Fisheries and the unique roof of the Scottish Rite seen in the background.

They exit I 95 on exit 2A to downtown and we see Bank Atlantic and Bank of America in the background.

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We see the boat speed by 17 N Hibiscus Drive which we saw in episode 60, Theresa.

Then past Star Island.

Camera location