The pan continues as they head down the exit and we see the building in the 200 block of SW 1st Court.

Then we go to Izzy’s where he is feeling under the weather.

Set up to look like 202 Biscayne Blvd. Downtown Miami but I have not confirmed it was actually filmed there. Filming location unknown.

Then we see Stan parked in the van by the front of Greenwich Studios.

Then we cut to Dykstra’s house on Sunset Island 2 where we see Duddy sweeping for bugs.

Duddy fries Stan’s bug (he is still outside the studio) and Stan calls to check the line.

Then we go inside the OCB where Crockett convinces Castillo to hire Duddy.

Then we see C+T arriving at Duddy’s house. They are eastbound on San Pedro Island and then they pull into Duddy’s. Duddy’s house is 842 San Pedro Avenue in Coconut Grove.  

Then we go to lunch. This was filmed on the Miami River at Big Fish. 55 SW Miami Avenue.

Next we return to the OCB where Duddy shows his wares. Filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we go to Sunset Island 2 where they invade Dykstra’s home to plant listening devices. As they arrive we can see the Julia Tuttle Causeway in the background.

While inside, Stan bumps into a decorative art piece and they have to beat feet.

Then we see the trio aboard Crockett’s boat, This may have the look of the Miami River, but it is not. This was filmed on Biscayne Bay by Belle Isle. Where we earlier saw the chase seen filmed.

They call into the OCB (set) from the boat.

Then Dykstra notices the art work, otherwise known as wood scarps painted white, has been moved and calls in Duddy. All filmed at 1727 W 27th Street.

While there Duddy learns that Dystra cannot tolerate dishonesty.

Then we see Duddy call from 842 San Pedro disguising his voice to the Homicde Bureau. The Homicide Bureau was a set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see Duddy inside the OCB (set).

Then we see Dykstra on the Miami River. He is westbound and pulls up to a warehouse on the south bank of the river opposite the newly constructed Miami Convention Center.

A new building sits on the site.

Then we cut to C+T at the Homicide Bureau where they are listening to the phone call Duddy made. This was filmed on set at the studio.

Then we go to Duddy’s to play him the tape. It is unknown if this was filmed on set or at 842 San Pedro.

Next we see a van parked in Duddy’s driveway at 842 San Pedro. We are suppose to think this van is parked near Dykstra’s house on Sunset Island 2.

Then we see Duddy listening in. This is suppose to be inside the van but it is absolutely not. It was likely a set but location is unknown.

We then see Duddy splicing together a tape with the desired dialog. Probably a set but location unknown.

Then we see Dykstra at the river warehouse again across from the Miami Convention Center. Here we see him shoot McGregor.

Then we see Duddy at Dykstra’s where he plays the tape he created so that Stan will hear it thinking it is a live conversation.

We see Stan inside his van at Greenwich Studios.

Then it cuts to the next morning and they have found McGregor floating in the Miami River. Apparently the river current had not moved the floating body overnight as they are still on the south bank of the Miami River opposite the Miami Convention Center.

We see Castillo talk with Crockett from the OCB (set).

Then we return to Duddy’s filmed on location at 842 San Pedro.

Then we see C+T arrive at Dykstra’s. Strangely they arrive from the west meaning they were already on the island. Dykstra’s house is just west of the entrance bridge so normally one would approach from the east.

There they learn Duddy is likely in trouble with Dykstra and they leave, responding to Duddy’s house.

Duddy has the home court advantage and shoots two and Crockett gets 1. Then Crockett arrest Duddy because he is still sore about being played.

Then we go to the OCB where Crockett has forgotten the basics of law and Stan comes up with the idea of giving Duddy a dose of his own medicine.

Then we go to Duddy’s where Stan and Crockett had broken in and rigged his electronics to play a message. The episode ends here. This may have been filmed at 842 San Pedro but I have not confirmed that yet.




Goof: When they arrive they look up and see Miguel dead by the front door. We also see someone’s hand enter the picture on the railing. Tubbs and Crockett are still down stairs and Duddy is inside while Dykstra and his goon are entering thru the back. This hand should not be there.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

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