Miami Vice

              Episode 67

Everybody’s In Showbiz


Original air date: 05/01/1987

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The episode starts with Tubbs riding in a limo and Crockett following in the Testarossa. This was filmed in the 1300 block of Washington Avenue with the vehicles headed southbound. This may look familiar to you as this location was used in El Viejo. This is where C+T arrive in the Daytona and get into the tactical truck.

As seen in El Viejo

They continue to drive and we see Crockett listening in to their conversation. This was no doubt also filmed on Washington Ave. but not enough is seen to confirm this 100%.

Then we see the limo headed northbound thru the 1400 block of Washington Avenue. It then does a u-turn at Espanola Way and the Cameo theater is seen prominently in the background.

The limo pulls over and stops on Washington Ave. just south of Espanola Way. Crockett turns onto Espanola Way facing west and stops just off Washington Avenue.

Then we see two jokers approaching the limo from the north. They jump in and rob Tubbs and Don Gallego.

They get out and takeoff to the north. This ends the teaser. Then we see the standard season three opening montage.

Act 1 opens inside the OCB. A set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see Gina and Trudy go to a magic store to track down the two jokers based on the makeup they were wearing. This was filmed at Biscayne Magic. 1680 NE 123rd Street. Less than 200 yards from the studio.

Then we see Don Gallego walking with his guys north along Indian Creek in the 5200 block of Collins Ave.

Then we go inside the theater. This was filmed in Stage A at Greenwich Studios just a few feet north of the OCB set.

Then we cut to what is suppose to be the exterior of the theater. We see Tubbs arrive, driving eastbound up Espanola Way.

Then we go inside, a studio set.

Then we see them leaving. Back at 412 Espanola Way.

Then we see Crockett and Tubbs inside the theater (studio set).

Then we go outside on Espanola Way where they take Mikey away.

Then we go to the OCB interrogation rooms. A set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see Stan go undercover inside the theater (set).

Then we see Don Gallego arrive outside 412 Espanola Way.

Then go inside where he puts the pressure on for the return of his briefcase. Filmed on set at the studio.

Then we see Don Gallego leave headed east on Espanola Way.

We see Crockett and Tubbs watching but not enough is seen to confirm their location.

Then we see Mikey getting bailed out. This was filmed on location at the Miami Beach Police Department, 1100 Washington Avenue. They walk out and head north across the property where we see Drexel Avenue in the background. We saw this location used in Knock Knock..Who’s There?

Then we see Crockett meet with Mikey in a chess park. This was filmed on location in Miami Beach at the Norman Mendelson Miami Beach Chess Club. Nornam died about three years prior to this filming. The canal where C+T had the boat chase with the drug runner in the teaser of Lend Me An Ear can be seen in the near background.

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25 47’ 12.94” N  80 07’ 54.15” W

25 53’ 21.20” N  80 09’ 54.06” W

25 49’ 45.20” N  80 07’ 20.24” W

25 47’ 12.81” N  80 07’ 55.87” W

25 46’ 56.71” N  80 07’ 58.28” W

25 47’ 50.60” N  80 07’ 59.19” W

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As seen in Freefall

As seen in Freefall

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