Miami Vice

           Episode 67

Everybody’s In Showbiz

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Next we return to the 5200 block of Collins Avenue where Tubbs meets with Don Gallego on Indian Creek. This is the same location we saw earlier in the episode where Gallego was walking with his men.

Then we return to the interior of the OCB (set) where Castillo tells them to press hard on Mikey.

Then we return to the theater (set).

Mikey sneaks off into the night, headed south in the alley between Stage A and Stage B at Greenwich Studios. The large door behind the car is a stage door entrance to Stage B.

Viewing opposite direction Stage B door on left.

Mikey snuck out this window in Stage A.

Then we cut to the interior of the OCB, filmed in Stage A just feet away from the theater set.

Then we return to the theater where the copies have been found.

Then we see Don Gallego get into his limo. This was filmed at the Alexander Hotel, 5225 Collins Ave. We have seen this location used previously in episode 32, Back in The World.

They pull out and head southbound on Collins Avenue but are stopped right away by Mikey opposite the Seacoast at 5151 Collins Ave.

Conejo is in the trunk.

Mikey is sent to sleeps with the fishes.

We have seen this alley used in Cool Runnin’ and Out Where The Buses Don’t Run.

Then we see reused footage of a sunset over Century City California. This was first used in episode 50, Shadow In The Dark.

Then we return to the interior of the OCB where they figure out that Gallego is using a mortuary as a crack lab. Filmed on set at the studio.

Then we cut back to Don Gallego’s hotel. The Alexander on Collins Avenue. C+T are parked right out front to make sure they cannot be missed.

Some passing boaters get C+T’s attention by screaming out that there’s a body. Turns out it is Mikey and he is not quite sleeping with the fishes.

Then we see the Vice Squad arrive at the mortuary. This was filmed next door to the chess club at the 21st Street Recreation Center on Washington Ave., Miami Beach. We see Gina and Trudy arrive first. They are positioned at the rear, south west corner of the building.

Stan is in place at the NW corner of the building near the Chess Club/Music School.

Stan makes his approach from the north west.

C+T approach the front from the north east off of Washington Avenue.

They notice smoke coming from the chimney. Location unknown and may be stock footage.

I believe the interior was filmed next door at the music school but I have to return there to confirm this.

Then we see them in the crematorium where they are trying to get rid of the evidence. Location unknown.

Don Gallego tries to escape out the back but Crockett grabs him.

Then we jump out to California to see an exterior establishing shot of Glendale Memorial Hospital. 1420 South Central Avenue, Glendale, CA. We saw this used previously in episode 65, Knock Knock..Who’s There?

Then we go inside. Thanks to Tom at we know that this was filmed at Mt. Sinai Hospital, 4300 Alton Road, Miami Beach. We have seen this location used in the movie Tony Rome and we will see the same location used again in Amen..Send Money and Line Of Fire. Thanks Tom.

Then we see Crockett and Tubbs driving by Miami Today. Thanks to Harold Loeser we know that this was filmed on SE 13th Street crossing South Miami Avenue headed east. It is not the same building that Miami Today inhabits now at 710 Brickell Ave. The Miami Today building we see here was on the SE corner of the intersection of S. Miami Ave. and SE 13th St. Thanks again Harold.

Then we see them continue eastbound on SE 13th Street. He then blows a u-turn at the intersection of Brickell Avenue. The Greenberg Traurig building and the Mutual of Omaha Building are seen lit up in the background. We saw the Greenberg Traurig building under construction in One Eyed Jack and have since seen it in Killshot and Stone’s War. It has also been used in the movies Miami Vice 2006, and True Lies.

Then we see C+T arrive at Mt. Siani hospital.



Cool Runnin’                                      Out Where The Buses Don’t Run

As seen in Back In The World

C+T arrive at the front, NE corner.

34 07’ 40.01” N  118 15’ 27.74” W


If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:


25 49’ 45.84” N  

80 07’ 20.37” W



Gina + Trudy


25 47’ 49.35” N

80 07’ 27.11” W

25 45’ 41.95” N

80 11’ 31.30” W

U turn

25 48’ 47.43” N  80 08’ 23.68” W

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